Handloom 3


Published on: 31/08/2019

Hardoi district is known for cloth weaving and making products like loin-cloth, gamcha, shirts and more. The weavers in the Mallawan region manufacture products worth 70 crores every year. This sector provides employment to approximately five thousand weavers.

Hatya Haran Teerth

Hatya Haran Teerth,Hardoi

Published on: 26/07/2019

About 150 km from Lucknow,the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Hatya Haran Teerth is located in the holy Namisharnya Parikrama area in the Sandila tehsil of Hardoi district. Thousands of years ago, when Lord Rama had killed Ravana, he was blamed for Brahma Hatya.In order to erase that Sin, Lord Rama also came to the bath […]

Baba Mandir

Baba Mandir, Hardoi

Published on: 26/07/2019

Hardoi Baba Temple is about 400 years old.This historic temple is situated just a short distance from Prahalad Ghat. It was renovated around 1949, in the courtyard of which there is a peepal tree known as ‘हरदोई बाबा का दरबार’

Victoria Hall Main

Victoria Hall Hardoi

Published on: 25/07/2019

During 1850-1863 district Hardoi was created under the administration of District Magistrate W.S. Chapper. Owing to freedom struggle of 1857 there had been a great fight between the army of the East India Company and the freedom fighters from areas of Madhoganj, Ruiya of Hardoi. The work of district’s formation was withheld for a while […]