Lok Sabha General Election 2024

S. NO. Description(From 04 January 2024) Download Link

Form 1 with Instructions

Form 2 with Instructions

Form 3 with Instructions

Click Here for Form 1(PDF 100 KB)

Click Here for Form 2(PDF 140 KB)

Click Here for Form 3(PDF 99 KB)

2 Updated Instructions for Form 1,2 And 3 Letter (PDF 140KB)
3 Department List With Nodal Officers Click Here (PDF 170 KB)
4 User Manual (For EPDS Data Feeding Lok Sabha 2024) Download File (2.2 MB PDF)
5 Portal for Feeding Form 2 ( for State and Central Govt. Employees) and Form 3 ( for Bank and Insurance Companies Employees) Click here –>
Note: Nodal Department are Responsible for data entry of their Department Offices and If any Department Name is missing they have to inform OC Personal for their Addition.