Victoria Hall Hardoi

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During 1850-1863 district Hardoi was created under the administration of District Magistrate W.S. Chapper. Owing to freedom struggle of 1857 there had been a great fight between the army of the East India Company and the freedom fighters from areas of Madhoganj, Ruiya of Hardoi. The work of district’s formation was withheld for a while and later on it was completed by the time the Victoria Charter was brought into force by 1877. Abolishing Company’s rule in India, British Parliament handed over the charge to Queen Victoria and Her Highness was honoured with the crown of ‘Kaiser-e-Hind’. The Queen announced general amnesty to freedom fighters of 1857 struggle. On the occasion of celebrations of enthronement of Queen Victoria on 16thFebruary of 1886, District Magistrate Lieutinent Colonel HarnsFort held a meeting with the local residents who were associated with the ‘Company’ in the 1857 struggle and chalked out a plan to construct a ‘Ghantaghar’ (Clock-tower) as a memory. After the completion of the construction of the clock-tower, a huge clock from the Great Britain was installed on top of the tower which worked till 1959-60 only. Till then, it’s melodious alarm and sound of ‘bells’ could be heard up to a distance of five miles which itself speaks of the historic event.

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