Tomb of Nawab Diler Khan,Shahabad

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Shahabad is a city and a municipal board in Hardoi district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. At one point of time it was counted among the few biggest cities of Oudh, but declined rapidly in later period and now reduced to a town. It is the site of the Tomb of Diler Khan, a governor in the time of Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb, Jama-Masjid, Sankta Devi temple, Balaji temple and Baram Baba temple. The legend has it that this is also site of ancient village Angadpur after Angada, nephew of Sugriva.

The prestigious town of Shahabad has many references in history sources. It was founded in 1680 A.D. by Nawab Diler Khan, an Afghan officer of Shah Jahan, who was sent to suppress an uprising in Shahjahanpur. The same man overthrew Pande Parwar bandits of Angni Khera. Joseph Tiefenthaler, one of the earliest European geographers to write on India, visited the town in 1770 and described it as a town of considerable circuit, with a palace of bricks in the middle strengthened by towers like a fortress, with a vestibule and a covered colonnade. This palace used to be known as Badi Deorhi. Although the palace no longer exists, the two grand gateways are still standing. Nawab Diler Khan also erected Jama Masjid and his own mausoleum. Both of them are built in kankar blocks and the upper story contains bands of florid decoration in red stone, a style very common to architecture of that period. He also built a grand pond near the mausoleum, known as Narbada.

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