Sankat Haran Mandir
Sankat Haran Mandir Sakaha, Hardoi
Category Religious

Lord Shiv devotees across the country have faith towards the ancient Shiv Temple located about 20 km from the district…

Prahlaad Kund,Hardoi
Category Historic, Religious

In the Past, Hardoi was the city of Hiranyakashyap and He was a traitor of Hari(God), so he named the…

Hatya Haran Teerth
Hatya Haran Teerth,Hardoi
Category Historic, Religious

About 150 km from Lucknow,the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Hatya Haran Teerth is located in the holy Namisharnya Parikrama area…

Baba Mandir
Baba Mandir, Hardoi
Category Religious

Hardoi Baba Temple is about 400 years old.This historic temple is situated just a short distance from Prahalad Ghat. It…