Out of total area of hardoi (594700 hectare), only 398045 hectare land is used for agriculture purposes, while approximately 18111 hectare land is unused because of sodic & other causes. The project of sodicreclamation is implemented in the district in year 1994. This project is running by Uttar Pradesh Land Development Corporation. Total land of approx. 9000 hectare has been sodicreclaimationed  in past 6 years and it is fertile now.

The sodic land of village PARASPUR. The same land after sodicreclaimation become fertile.

Before sodicreclaimation                After sodicreclaimation

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All three main crops Rabi, Kharif & Jaiyaj are the main crops of the district. Most of the farmers grow paddy,sugarcane,wheat,  vegetable,pulses and oilseeds in their fields. 

Approximately 14425 hectare land is used for horticulture. The climate and land of hardoi is very suitable for growing guava, different variety of mangos,lameon, herbal etc.The approximate yearly production of mango & guava are 1688 tons and 98 tons respectively.