Industry Plan

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Generally people of the district depends upon the Agriculture based economy. At present the important industries of Hardoi district are as follows.
1.   M/s SAF YEAST Co. Ltd. Sandila
2.   M/s Metal Wire Pvt. Limited Sandila
3.   M/s Baba Gauri Shankar Floor Mill, Hardoi
4.   M/s Kit Ply India (Sugar Unit) Rupapur, Shahabad
5.   M/s Engineers Group ( P.K.Enterprises), Hardoi
The Major industry in the district is M/s SAF YEAST Co. Ltd. at Sandila tehsil of District Hardoi. The second plant of the Company was established in 1990 in Sandila ( First Plant at Chiplun in Maharastra in year 1981) with the collaboration of France(The World's largest producers of yeast). This company is the single largest producer of yeast in India. The Company apart from producing baker's yeast also produces yeast for application like wine making, feed yeast, probiotic yeast, yeast extract, yeast based natural flavors, distillery, pharmaceuticals.The company has established Leon Research Center in the in the year 1989 to develop appropriate technology for industrial technology for industrial application of yeast in India. The Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India have recognized this center as a Research Laboratory.